Celebrate Earth Day by Recycling

Recycling bins and posters have recently popped up around campus, but recycling isn’t new to the university.

“I noticed that even though we have recycling bins on campus… No one was using them.”

Edwina Hall

“Recycling has always been on campus,” said Edwina Hall, an Administrative Assistant at Facilities and Safety Services.

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FLPolyCon Prepares for its 5th year

FLPolycon, a celebration of Florida Poly’s student culture, prepares for its fifth annual convention.

“It’s an event by Florida Poly Students, for Florida Poly Students. “

Vincent Hael, Head Director of FLPolycon

Originally open only to Florida Poly Students, FLPolycon in it’s second year was it opened to the public. It now draws con-goers from Orlando and Tampa as well as USF and UCF.

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Student News to come to Florida Polytechnic University

An up and coming student publication, Layers Media, seeks to provide a deeper and more informative news experience to the students of Florida Polytechnic University.

Layers Media’s Icon

The publication’s target audience is the students of Florida Polytechnic University. It aims to cover relevant past and upcoming events with a newspaper like style of writing.

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