SGA, the governance body that represents students at Florida Polytechnic University, officially opened election applications yesterday, August 30th. Much like the US Government, SGA is split into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Thirteen positions in total are available in the Legislative and Judicial Branches as follows:

Legislative Branch

  • Freshman Representative
  • Sophomore Representative
  • Junior Representative
  • Senior Representative
  • Graduate Representative
  • Undecided Representative
  • On-Campus Representative
  • Off-Campus Representative
  • Technology Representative (4 seats available)

Judicial Branch

  • Associate Justice

To apply for any of these positions, students must be registered with the University and have a GPA of at least 2.5. Applications MUST be sent by 11:59pm EST on September 12th. To see more specific position requirements, see the Student Officer Application provided by the SGA below.

(Application as provided by SGA.)

The four technology representative positions are open because of previous vacancies, not because they are typically re-elected in Fall. All other elected SGA positions will be decided in the Spring semester.

Students who apply for and join SGA can help contribute to their campus by representing their constituent students. SGA Officers affect the creation of SGA policy and advocate for students’ perspective in the creation of University, State, and Federal policy. They form an important part of the student community and student leadership. Joining SGA “gives you the opportunity to have a direct impact on campus!” according to the announcement sent out by Dr. Miller on behalf of SGA.

Additionally, SGA is looking for an elections chair to host elections, but in the meantime, any questions regarding the application process should be directed to Isabelle Starner, the current SGA Coordinator, at [email protected].

The following is the SGA’s current expectations for the timeline of elections.

08/30/2022Available Positions Announced and Application Period Opens
09/12/2022Application Period Closes
09/13/2022Active Campaigning Begins
09/26/2022Active Campaigning Ends
09/27/2022Election Starts
09/28/2022Election Ends
10/05/2022Election Results Announcement
Timeline for Fall 2022 SGA Election

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