Today, April 6th, 2022, is the last day to vote in this semester’s SGA (Student Government Association) elections, which is the governing body of all students at Florida Polytechnic University. SGA is responsible for allocating funding to clubs and events like Florida Polycon.    

Students can either vote in-person at the Southern (dorm-side) entrance to the IST, or virtually by using the link:

Just like prior years, voting happens using a ranked choice system. That is, rather than just voting for a single candidate, voters can rank their votes for all candidates. For example, if 3 candidates are running for a position, a voter could give each candidate ranks 1, 2, and 3 in order of who they most prefer. The least popular candidates are eliminated, and their respective votes are redistributed to the next ranked choice until a candidate has the majority.

Many positions this year are uncontested. The following is the list of who is running, and for what positions.

Student Body President:

  • Melia Rodriguez

Student Body Vice President:

  • Gus Lipkin
  • Alexander Gage
  • Graham Gilbert

Student Body Treasurer

  • Jake Greenberg

Student Body Chief of Staff

  • Dimitri Tsetsekas

Technology Representative (5 positions)

  • Graham Gilbert
  • Melia Rodriguez
  • Grace Hensley
  • Isaiah Sarria

Engineering Representatives (4 positions)

  • Mohamed Hadid
  • Angela Nilaj
  • Alexander Gage
  • Gustavo Maldonado
  • Matthew Baker
  • Douglas Poole
  • Tristan Sylvain

Off Campus Representative

  • Rosely Machado

Junior Representative

  • Sulman Mohamed

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