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I was hearing a lot about the IST commons being closed off to RSOs, SGA, and other cultural events. I was a little shocked but decided to go up there and see why. I found a really cool group of admins and decided to interview them. They were all chilling on a couch smoking a bong in the commons. 

Admin Chad :“Cough cough yea man like we just wanted people to be able to study like thats whats most important” 

Admin Kyle : “Academics man”

Admin Mike : “fo show”

ME : “What about the amazing cultural events that some students rely on and have been waiting for since covid restrictions have lowered?”

Admin Mike smokes a joint and then passes it to Kevin

Mike : “ Listen bro I get it but no one seems upset about this like maybe if SGA or students or RSOs or Professors were to say something we would immediately go to a new spot like were chill dudes bro. It’s just the commons is the perfect spot to replace Kevin’s mom’s basement. She says it smells too much like pot so you know we had to leave”

Kyle and Chad high five

ME : “ What if SGA students and professors all who think academically and culturally the commons is an important place were to stand against this at the same time would you change the policy”

Kevin : “Oh yea man fo show ”

Chad : “Yeah man, we are like super chill.”

There you have it the admin would never steamroll over everyone over concerns for academics so they could smoke pot till Kevin’s mom “chilled out”.

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David Kozdra

David Kozdra is a computer science student at Florida Polytechnic University. He is the Treasurer of the Media Club, Head of Outreach of the Baked Bean Bois improv group, and the Cohost of the Poly Pod podcast.

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