There are countless small artists out there, making it difficult to discover new music. Austin Viens-DeRuisseau, a computer science junior, while enjoying one of his favorite YouTube creators, discovered that problem and an idea sprung to mind; make a tool that helps people find new music to enjoy.

Photo Courtesy Austin Viens-DeRuisseau

Within a few weeks, he put together a solution. Music Randomizer, Viens-DeRuisseau explained, was designed to provide an unending playback of songs to users who struggle to find new tunes.

Most interestingly, the songs aren’t recommended based on popularity. Instead, Viens-DeRuisseau built the algorithm to be unbiased and help you discover absolute bangers that might not have been on your radar.

The website has been running for a few months now, serving over twenty-five thousand songs to users – a number that Viens-DeRuisseau is hoping to increase to 50,000 in the upcoming months. The website gets small updates daily as Viens-DeRuisseau keeps working on it. Viens-DeRuisseau said that he welcomes feedback and new feature requests, all of which users may submit via the “site survey” on the website’s front page.

If you have been struggling to find new things to listen to, give this website a try, and see if you find your new favorites.

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