On Monday, Floor Wars officially began at the Florida Poly residence halls. Floor Wars is a week-long event for residents that pits each floor’s residents against each other in a friendly and competitive environment.

Residential Life, the University entity that oversees the RA’s and residential events, is always trying to bring the community together with events like this, even through Covid-19. It can’t be taken for granted that safety is always a factor – masks and social distancing are required for Floor Wars. Overall, students seem to readily and happily oblige.

“Floor Wars… helps build a community for the people who live in the dorms and thus helps create the [Florida] Poly culture,” said Damar Sierra, a Residential Life team member. “[It] helps newer students to get to know any of the older students or other students that live on other floors which they rarely get to see on a day to day basis.”

The competitions have underlying themes that the organizers knew about – each will take into account subjective metrics like creativity, and each day’s competitions test residents on these different metrics. All the competitions, however, are loosely inspired by game franchises.

As a casual event, the method for determining the winner can be chaotic. Last year’s Floor Wars was decided by a long back and forth of rock paper scissors with points on the line. There’s no telling who will win, even if the scores seem set, so don’t count any floor out. New this year however is that there will be a trophy awarded. It will be displayed in the new trophy case being built in the Wellness Center.

“They based it off of if you’re in first place you’re at a hundred points and if you’re second you’re at ninety or eighty and so forth,” said Sierra. “I’m not sure how they’re doing it this year.”

The winners will be announced Friday afternoon after all the events are over.

For residents interested in participating, each day’s competition starts at 6 p.m. outside of the residence halls. Each floor has a unique color, so try to come in your floor’s color.

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