The student government association has announced its staff appreciation award. Students can nominate their favorite faculty members for this award on PhoenixLink right now.

To nominate, log into PhoenixLink ( and click on the “FORMS” tab. Then complete the Staff Appreciation Award form and submit it before February 5th.

As the name may suggest, the award is to let students show faculty their appreciation for going above and beyond in teaching, however, the award also gives students a chance to give feedback on what they want to see out of their learning experiences here at Poly.

“As we record the students’ best experiences inside the classroom, hopefully, we can share these with other professors and show how we do pay attention and note the exceptional work that’s gone into teaching, [and] into training, our future generation of engineers,” said Antonio Hendricks, the SGA Senator who conceived the event. “As much as this helps the staff members, it becomes a continuous cycle of improvement through positive reinforcement.”

Right now, faculty, university professors and administration, are the only ones currently eligible for the award. Student employees are ineligible for the award.

“We do hope to expand these awards to staff, eventually,” said Hendricks. “It’s our goal that we could encompass the entire university to show our appreciation.”

What about professors who have left the University? “We will try to reach out to those professors and see if we can still present them with an award, maybe with quotes from the students that nominated them showing their appreciation for really having been in their service” said Hendricks. “Being able to learn under them, and also to grow. We learn a lot from our professors, not just basic arithmetic “

“I’d like to hear why you’d like to nominate a particular professor. Don’t be shy to nominate multiple,” said Hendricks. “I’m sure they’d love to hear your appreciation and attitude.”

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