This is not a programming problem, but it’s the most important challenge I could make. Getting internships is a challenge to a lot of people, and I feel the same way. In the short time, I have been getting software development internships, I have learned a lot.  There are three components you will need to have to get an internship. Most people want Jrs when hiring for internships, but that is both false and a set up for failure, never settle for the bare minimum.


You should already have a resume, this is just a note about them. Everyone has an opinion on resumes, “do this not that”. These factions and camps make it really hard to understand what you are supposed to do. So-called resume experts are no match for apathetic readers or automated systems. Some people think graphical colorful and well-designed resumes are key, others think basic word documents are the only way to go. This is my tip: ignore the “Rules” just like the “Rules” of different religions. It turns out no one has the right answer. This may be scary. What is the right answer if we are all lost in the dark? Just be sensible good grammar, symmetric layout, name, contact info, experience, education, and projects. You should have at least two projects, and if you have no experience you should have three. Link your LinkedIn, and your GitHub. Have a LinkedIn and Github you need them. It never hurts to have technology and skills you know. Ask around and show everyone you know your resume. They will try to make your resume look like theirs, but if you agree with something that they say keep it. Remember no one knows 100% what is right so ask everyone and be sensible. This is just a general guide with recommendations.


You should have projects, but not just your homework from intro to computer science. You need real projects that have real-world use. You don’t need the next, Facebook or a JS framework, but you need something understandable and useful. Ideas for projects are hard to find. You will most likely find some out of touch wizard of programming. Telling you right after hello world he recommends building tetras or your own simulated universe. Start small, simple, and possible. The hardest thing about programming is learning to be disappointed with yourself, and the rest of the world. If you have no projects first get familiar with technology like Unity, WPF, Django, a Js framework, or anything beyond a vanilla language.

Once you get a cool project it needs to be on your GitHub, website, and resume

Many people stop here but there is one last thing to read.

Not enough people have them or know how to make them better than just a text document. You should have images of features and a great description. Write it so your mom knows what you wrote. One great way to do this is to use markdowns. If you know HTML then this will make so much sense.

<h1>My project</h1>
<h2> features </h2>
<li> sorts any file’s contents</li>
<li> predicts the future </li>
<b> This project only works on the Apple Lisa os</b>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Now that you have all the pieces you need to apply we can look into next steps.

The best websites to find internships besides handshake:

Not only do they do internships but it’s how the website started. I got an internship from Chegg so I know there are good companies there.

Linkedin has the best job finding system in my opinion easy to read good info

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David Kozdra

David Kozdra is a computer science student at Florida Polytechnic University. He is the Treasurer of the Media Club, Head of Outreach of the Baked Bean Bois improv group, and the Cohost of the Poly Pod podcast.

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