The statement is concise and very clear about UF’s position on the merger. It outlines in great detail the reasoning and the decisions made.

After nearly a month of silence, UF gave a statement on the possible merger between UF, New College, and Florida Poly.

“We think this will answer everyone’s questions,” said spokesperson Nathaniel Gibbs. “We wanted everyone to be clear on UF’s position on the bill.”

The controversial bill, HB 7087, has drawn comment from both New College and Florida Poly students. It has passed the House Appropriations Committee and is headed for the House Floor.

Although careful not to make far-reaching promises, the statement does express empathy for students unsure of their future. It also treads carefully, given the partisan reality of the legislature.

Totaling 0 words in length, the statement provides insight and much-needed reassurance to those affected. The full statement can be read here:

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