Last Wednesday, career services organized the semesterly Career Fair. The fair aimed to showcase local opportunities for jobs and internships.

The Innovation Science and Technology building overflowed with the sound of formalities, as students and recruiters extended hands in conversation in a sea of suits and folding tables.

Pairris Jones, Associate Director of Career Services, coordinated the event. She’s been reaching out to businesses since October. “It’s all coordinated for you. So, your feedback is valued,” said Jones.

“Students are very happy. They’re pleased with the diversity within the companies here,” Jones continued. “Everyone feels like they have at least one company to identify with that represents their major or interests.”

Gus Lipkin Sophomore in Business Analytics in attendance wasn’t impressed. “It’s honestly kind of bad,” said Lipkin, citing the lack of opportunities for Business Analytics and Intelligent mobility.

Alison Hart offered a different perspective, representing Badcock Home Furniture working in IT. “It’s pretty surreal,” said Alison, a 2019 Florida Poly Alumna. “It’s interesting getting to say hello to everybody, but I’m on the opposite side of the table from where I was before.”

Hart herself was on the opposite side of that very table in 2018’s career fair, ultimately finding an internship, turned contract, turned full-time position at Badcock Home Furniture.

Jones felt the success of the event didn’t lie with the companies present, rather the students attending. “If students come up to me and say it was great, then I feel good about it.”

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Aliceon Clemmensen

Aliceon Clemmensen is a Staff Writer for Layers Media

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