The Programming Club is hard at work preparing for PhoenixHacks, an on-campus hackathon, Saturday, January 25 through 26. In addition to the main event, there will also be workshops and food.

A spiritual successor to SHAPE’s (Inactive Club) PolyHacks, PhoenixHacks marks the return of a 24 hour, student-run hackathon on campus after two years.

“It’s important to note that it’s not only hacking, it’s not only coding, it can be hardware, it could be software, it can be whatever somebody wants to make,” said Andrew Crosswait, VP of the Programming Club. 

Since it is a 24-hour event, a toothbrush is highly recommended. Also recommended but definitely not mandatory is a laptop and coding knowledge (and even that isn’t wholly needed).

“You could come in with a sock on a stick and be like look; I made a sock on a stick. You might not win, but you might have a good time with free food.” Crosswait claimed.

In addition to food, food for thought will be available as workshops for students such as Introduction to Collaboration using Git and Github hosted by Professor Joanne Skiles, and Gaming with Azure, hosted by Victoria Correa Andrade, a Microsoft Student Partner, to name a couple.

The Campus Activity Board, club funds, and a donation from FIPR funded the event. Prizes include Amazon gift cards to the amount of $200 per person for the winning team and lesser amounts for second and third place. 

Follow for winners, highlights, and pictures of the event next weekend.

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