• The first Senate meeting of every month is a potluck meeting. Presented by Connor Coddington.
  • NOVA Committee will determine a meeting time. Presented by Student Body President Ryan Perez.
  • Ryan Perez presented an SGA Outing, on November 17th at the Circle B Reserve in the morning.
  • Office Hours will be organized by Shanika Miorana.
  • Juan Forero presented a new Audit and Budget Committee audit form.
  • SGA members were invited to the Phoenix mascot redesign tomorrow at 6 pm in phase 2.
  • Mechanical Engineer Concerns: Students are concerned as a department head is said to not offer courses from older catalogs and not allow substitutions. Students also claimed they were also not permitted to switch out the mechanical engineering major.
  • Student’s Concern: Last Fall, a student was removed from campus for trespassing. The reasoning changed from being under academic suspension to not being enrolled. The student was a student at the time. It will be discussed further at the LEB meeting tomorrow at 4 pm, 1067.
  • Last week there was a reading of Title II, Senate Bill 06-01, regarding SGA membership eligibility, hiring, code of ethics, and transparency. Upon passing in the Senate, the bill can be vetoed by the student body president and is enacted into the statutes of no action is taken after 10 days, November 18th. It passed unanimously.


Documents are available from Florida Polytechnic University’s Office of the General Counsel.

Information and materials about SGA meetings are provided “as is” without any warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

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