A capstone research team of Florida Poly Students are investigating a “cold” cooking technique perfectly suitable for turkey. The method builds on the collective knowledge (or mistake) that leaving food in the freezer for too long causes freezer burn.

Alan P. Wooden, a senior mechanical engineering student from Orlando, is the project lead. “This will revolutionize Thanksgiving dinner as we know it,” said Wooden. The new method will allow turkeys to be served mere minutes from the freezer.

The technique works on a simple concept: taking the turkey out of the freezer just before freezer burn occurs. “We’ve been calling it freezer cooked,” said Rachel Harrow, a student on the team. “It’ll be perfect for the forgetful thanksgiving host since no defrosting is necessary.”

The research team is continuing on their findings investigating ideal timings, freezer temperatures, and the possibility of reversing freezer burns using heat.

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