These are the results for the Spring 2019 Student Government Elections.

Data Science Representative

Owen Dostie
Graham Gilbert
Sulman “Soul” Mohamed (Winner)

Environmental Engineering Representative

Louis Roscoe (Winner)

Freshman Representative

Ahna Cecil
Benji Dinal (Winner)
Ezekiel Huynh
Julian Melendez
Adrian Ray
Juhyung Kim
Mykell Spencer

Off-Campus Representative

Sam Gaskin (Winner)
Kevin Hines
Marcielly Nascimento

Masters of Computer Science

Jacob Stevens (Winner)

On-Campus Representative

Kolby Dutcher
Juan Forero (Winner)
Joshua Merriam
Ryan Sobolewski
Vanessa Townsend

Ballot Counting and Runoff Details

There were 263 total voters and 378 votes were cast. Some voters were eligible to vote in multiple races.

New this semester, voting was conducted in an Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) style. At the polling station, voters were asked to rank their candidate preference. Votes were then distributed to the first-choice candidate. Then, the candidate who received the least number of votes had their votes redistributed to their second choice. Each “round” eliminates the least popular candidate and redistributing their votes until a candidate has a majority of votes, or until there is a single candidate.

By ranking candidates, many runoff elections can be simulated instantly. With IRV, each student still gets only one vote. Below is the detailed runoff process.

IRV detailed voting results.

Photos by Aliceon Clemmensen for Layers Media.

An earlier headline incorrectly stated the results were from the spring election. The results are in fact from the current fall election.

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