Session 5
Session 6


  • Kahill Wehmeyer resigned as Senate president. Phelippe Souza-Herod, next in succession becomes the senate president.
  • Judicial appointments from The Executive were approved by the senate, welcoming Hailey Skoglund, Kolby Dutcher, Graham Gilbert, and Antonio Hendricks, as Associate Justices.
  • Session 5 of the senate was concluded. Roberto Sardinha, Samantha Ashby, Connor Coddington, Zach, Phelippe Souza-Herod, and Kahill Wehmeyer attended the closing roll call.

  • Session 6 began, welcoming Shanika Miorana, Dylan Amisano, Juan Forero, Amal John, Sam Gaskin, David Ciccarello, Benji Dinal, Jacob Stevens, Miguel Cecchini do Amaral, Louis Roscoe, and Sulman “Soul” Mohamed, as senators.
    Returning senators are Connor Coddington, Samantha Ashby, and Roberto Sardinha.
  • Connor Coddington is appointed Senate President.
  • Roberto Sardinha is appointed as the Senate President Pro Tempore.
  • Samantha Ashby is appointed as the chair of the Student Organizations Committee (SOC).
  • Juan Forero is appointed as the chair of the Audit and Budget Committee (ABC).
  • Shanika Miorana is appointed as the chair of the Information and Communications Committee (ICC).
  • Jason Chua proposed that an ad hoc committee for student publication be created. The Layers Media Ad Hoc Committee was created.
  • The next meeting will be on Monday, at 6 PM.


Documents are available from Florida Polytechnic University’s Office of the General Counsel.

Information and materials about SGA meetings are provided “as is” without any warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

Cover image by Jason Chua for Layers Media

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