On Wednesday afternoon, the Community Resource Fair brought the local business to students showcasing what Greater Lakeland has to offer.

Rows of tables once again lined the IST commons, but instead of clubs, it was local businesses. Jimmy Surin, Assistant Director of Student Life, emphasized that the event was for local businesses to introduce themselves to students. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because there was a Business Expo last spring. However, while there were some returning booths, there were new ones as well. “The whole idea is to get to know the community. You can’t do that by bringing solely the same people over and over again,” said Surin.

Although they didn’t plan on coming to the event, Zachary Delgado, a senior, was pleasantly surprised to go to the event. “I’m glad a lot of people from the community came to Poly to see the students and have the students get a little of a reflect [sic] of the community.”

Delgado expressed a particular interest in the CrossFit Breaking Barbells booth. “I’m a big exercise guy so I enjoy working out,” said Delgado who didn’t know about the location previously. “Nope. Had no idea about it.”

Crossfit Breaking Barbells is a Crossfit affiliate in North Lakeland. Mandy Brendemuehl, the Owner of CrossFit Breaking Barbels, noted the particular benefits exercise could bring to students. “I just really wanted to put it out there, the positive side of strength and conditioning especially for college students. It would help in their stress levels,” Brendemuehl pointed out. Crossfit Breaking Barbells offered students special discounts as well as free classes.

Banking booths were aplenty, with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Florida Central Credit Union, and Railroad and Industrial Credit Union having a presence at the event.

“We love coming out cause we get to offer our products,” said Jose Fradera, Business Development Executive Officer for Railroad and Industrial Credit Union. “There’s a lot of benefits we can offer and we love coming out here for that.”

Railroad and Industrial Credit Union has been offering accounts to student and staff. “We have a lot of students that are already with us,” Fradera continued. “We pay $500 for your degree when you get your degree so they’re taking advantage of it.” Railroad and Industrial Credit Union has 2 Lakeland locations.

“It’s been awesome. We’re really grateful to be here and participate with the school and this growing event,” said Fradera about the Resource Fair.

Images by Aliceon Clemmensen for Layers Media. Cover Image by Jason Chua for Layers Media.

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