On Tuesday and Wednesday, rows of tables featuring clubs took over the IST Commons. Club Row is an event where clubs set up science-fair style tables looking to recruit new members.

“Club row is a chance for every club on campus to come and represent themselves,” said Roberto Sardinha, a senator at the SGA table. “That way, every student on campus can get to know them or get to know where their events are or what they [the club] are.”

The event, organized by the Student Organizations Committee (SOC), started its first day with professional and religious clubs such as IEEE, SPIE, and NSBE. The second day showcased the recreational clubs such as Smash Club, The Hammock Club, and the Rhythm Game Club.

Samantha Ashby, head of the SOC, pointed out that for some, freshman college may be the first time they are away from home. “You gotta get them something to do – meet new friends, and that’s really the big push for this event.”

Ethan Marshall, a first-year Florida Poly student, said it was a cool event. He made a particular note about the SPIE table. “They had cool stuff to look at.”

SPIE at Florida Poly President Jaimie Davis demos a Thermal Camera. Tyler Connelly for Layers Media

The SPIE table was eye-catching, with a LIDAR setup and a thermal camera aimed at the crowd. “I believe we have the best display here,” said SPIE at Florida Poly President Jaimie Davis. SPIE at Florida Poly is in the process of becoming a chapter of the International SPIE.

With so many clubs, it’s easy for a student to get overwhelmed, but Marshall has a plan. “I want to join a bunch [of clubs] and see which ones will fit into my schedule,” he shared.

While Club row is aimed primarily at the freshman, it isn’t just for the freshman. Sardinha noted, “It’s a pretty good opportunity for everyone on campus to get to know more clubs.”

Photos by Tyler Connelly for Layers Media

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