While the majority of positions are unopposed this election, there’s a few key races to watch. There are constitutional amendments on the ballot as well. There was a town hall on Friday, March 22nd where candidates answered questions.

Key Races

Student Body Treasurer

– Jeremy Meritt
– Kevin Hines

Data Science Representative

– Miguel Cecchini do Amaral
– Austin Giardullo

On Campus Representative

– Spencer Bishop 
– Kevin Hines


These amendments have passed the senate and are pending signing. They require a 3/5 vote of the spring general election to pass.

Amendment 2: “Senate Reapportionment”

In essence, amendment 2 would change the senate allocation to be by college. It is currently allocated by major. Read more on amendment 2 here.

Amendment 4: “Judicial Requirements Amendment”

Amendment 4 would remove the requirement for members of the Judicial Branch to have taken an ethics course as not all majors are required to take one following catalog changes.

Unopposed Races

Student Body President

Ryan Perez

Student Body Vice President

Sinead Fernandes

Student Body Chief of Staff

Spencer Bishop

Computer Science Rep

Amal John

Computer Engineering Rep

Shanika Miorana

Electrical Engineering Rep

Roberto Sardinha

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Rep

Dylan Amisano

Sophomore Class Rep

Samantha Ashby

Junior Class Rep

Connor Coddington

Senior Class Rep

David Ciccarello

Off Campus Rep

Juan Forero

Photo Credit: Jason Chua / Layers Media

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