The Business Expo by the Student Development Center showcased local business that may be of interest to students.

The “Community Resource Fair,” not to be confused with the Career Fair, aimed to connect students with local organizations according to Jimmy Surin from the Office of Student Development.

“I think it’s a great event and a really good resource for students”

Alison Hart, Student Attendee
Business Expo 2019 in the IST Commons

Business and organizations present included Bank of America, Blue Man Group and Universal Orlando, Polk County, Peace River Center, Catapult, Domino’s and others.

The expo had rows of tables for business and a raffle for students. Students were able to walk up to tables and engage with business and organizations directly. “[I] talked to Domino’s and they had free pizza which was good” said senior student Alison Hart.

Hart was also excited to see the co-working space Catapult present. “They really seem to have great resources for startups… which I think is really good for Florida Poly.”

“A lot of students don’t know whats going on in Lakeland” Hart continued. “I think it’s a great event and a really good resource for students.”

Disclaimer: The author of this article won a raffle prize during the event

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