The Oak Grove is an open space with lots of greenery

A Breath of Fresh Air – The Oak Grove officially opens.

Originally slated to be a parking lot, The Oak Grove located between the SDC and The Wellness Center is now a place for students to relax and enjoy nature. At Phoenix Family Day last Saturday, the Student Government Association President, Ryan Perez, cut the ribbon officially opening The Oak Grove.



Student Government

SGA Meetings

Senate Meeting 11/25/2019

Highlights Legislation: Title VII, Finance Code, was approved. Posters for desk hours were brought up. SGA polos were brought up. A purchase request was approved ut requires the approval of another branch. Gus Lipkin was approved by the senate to be the chair of the Safety Committee. Documents Documents are available from Florida Polytechnic University’s […]

Senate Meeting 11/18/2019

Highlights Kahlil Wehmeyer suggested installing electric vehicle chargers, specifically Tesla superchargers. An ad hoc committee, Electric Vehicle Charger Committee, led by Juan Forero was created. Computer engineering and electrical engineering students take many math classes. The possibility of math minors will be brought up during Pizza with the Provost. The senate generally supports offering a […]

Senate Meeting 11/4/2019

Highlights The first Senate meeting of every month is a potluck meeting. Presented by Connor Coddington. NOVA Committee will determine a meeting time. Presented by Student Body President Ryan Perez. Ryan Perez presented an SGA Outing, on November 17th at the Circle B Reserve in the morning. Office Hours will be organized by Shanika Miorana. […]

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