Senate Meetings 10/14/2019

Highlights Kahill Wehmeyer resigned as Senate president. Phelippe Souza-Herod, next in succession becomes the senate president. Judicial appointments from The Executive were approved by the senate, welcoming Hailey Skoglund, Kolby Dutcher, Graham Gilbert, and Antonio Hendricks, as Associate Justices. Session 5 of the senate was concluded. Roberto Sardinha, Samantha Ashby, Connor Coddington, Zach, Phelippe Souza-Herod, […]



Student Government

SGA Meetings

Senate Meeting 10/21/2019

Highlights The procedure for passing statutes was read. Statutes are read and then after a week, a supermajority vote is required to pass the legislation. There was a discussion regarding the number of voting members in a committee. Further details will be discussed in the Legislative Executive Board (LEB) meeting. Meeting times for the various […]

Senate Meeting 10/02/2019

Highlights The election results were validated by the Senate. Read more here. The senate will meet again next Monday at 6 pm in IST-1044. The senate will have dinner at IHOP afterward. Documents Documents are available from Florida Polytechnic University’s Office of the General Counsel.

Senate Meeting 09/23/2019

Highlights A possible restriction on setting up tables in front of the SGA Desk was discussed. A letter will be written and be signed next meeting. Chartwells charges for cups for water. Senator Connor Coddington will reach out to dining about the charge and proposed using leftover cups owned by SGA for water. Cups were […]

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